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Why pay for international calls when there is Facebook?

Reaching almost 1.5 billions subscribers, Facebook has become the largest social network today and it seems that almost everybody that has access to the Internet on a daily basis has a Facebook account. From single individuals to big corporations, everyone in this community seems eager to communicate with their friends, family members and customers.

We are not here to discuss what you should or should not post in your Facebook page(s), that is your personal choice. Our commitment is to provided you with the best communications tools we can find on the Web today and just recently, we fond that Facebook has a lot to offer.

Almost every Facebook user knows that there is an option to communicate via text through “Facebook chat”. What most of you do not know is that there is an option (a little hidden) on Facebook to call (voice call) your friends and family for free even if they live in another country.

If you’ve never heard about this before it’s because Facebook started gradually giving this option as a test for Canadian users only in early January 2013 for the iPhone platform, but has since been added to Facebook’s full-featured iPhone and Android in more than 23 countries.

For Android and iPhone only.

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This is how it works…

First you need to make sure that you and your friend are connected to the Internet. (It works with Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks).

From the “News Feed” page, click on the Contact icon on the upper right corner, then you will see a full list of your contacts. The ones with a green dot next to their names are the ones connected to the Internet.

Choose the person that you wish to call. In the next page, click the three dots on the upper right corner and from the menu, choose Free call. You can talk for as long as you want.

In our test, the quality of the Facebook calls were higher than average, good enough that it arose a few questions… Why is there a lack of publicity from Facebook on this matter? Although there is a message button when you visit a friend’s page, why isn’t there any call button on the same page?

I think that Facebook is just waiting for the right moment to bring this option upfront and when that happens and if they do it right, a big shift in telecommunications will begin.

With more businesses creating their Facebook pages everyday, I wont be surprised that in the near future you will be asked for your Facebook ID as they ask today for your telephone number as a mean of communication. But please do not panic just yet, it will be a while before you receive a call on Facebook from the nearest pizzeria asking you to verify your order.

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